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Stroke OF Genius



  • Team size 2

Teams from different colleges will compete in a thrilling competition of business acumen among budding managers. Teams will have to be prepared with the recent as well as past significant business related issues, punch lines, logos etc.All the different rules of the quiz will be communicated during the respective rounds.

Student should bring the stationery requirement for the events themselves other than the basic.


  • Screening Test (MCQs) would be there if sufficient team is present.
    Round 1:
    Level 1:
    Current Business/Economic Information.
    You can ask questions indicating Economics, Markets et cetera.
    Level 2:
    Current Affairs/General Knowledge. (Political affairs, Geographic Affairs related to economics/business)
    Round 2:
    Level 1:
    LOGO identification (Bujho Toh Jano) - Get some logos which are not easily identifiable.
    Level 2:
    Punch Line identification - Get some amazing taglines. This should be a slightly tougher one.
    Round 3:
    Level 1:
    Mixing the pictures- There would be some picture mix or blurred pictures of some famous business personalities/ management thinkers and contestants have to guess them.
    Level 2:
    RAPID FIRE ROUND ... 120 seconds.
    Tie breaker (if situation arises)


  • • Maximum 2 participants in each team
    • One team from each institute.
    • Replacement of any participants of a team is not allowed after registration.
    • Use of mobile or other electronic device is not allowed
    • For correct answer 10 marks will be given.
    • 30 Seconds will be allotted for each question.
    • Passing of the question to the next team is allowed. Five marks will be given to the next team if the answer is correct.
    • Quiz would be conducted in three rounds.
    • Winning team will be selected based on highest scores at the end of third round.
    • Judge’s decision would be considered as final decision

Judging Criteria

  • Round I
    • 5 question to each team in each levels.
    Round II
    • 5 question to each team in each levels.
    Round III
    • 120 seconds for each team in rapid round.
    • 5 question to each team in Level I.
    • The question will not be forwarded to next team in rapid fire round.
    • Passing of questions is allowed in Level I only.
    • 5 marks for passed on questions in level I.
Varun Gupta
Neeraj Singh
Mehak Kohli
Shipra Gupta